Minibus and Coach in London | Airport Transfers 8 to 72 Seaters

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London is a city with a rich history, diverse culture, and a plethora of attractions. Here are some things you might enjoy doing in London:

1. Visit the British Museum:
Explore the vast collection of art and artifacts from around the world, spanning centuries of human history.

2. Take a Stroll in Hyde Park:
Enjoy the greenery, lakes, and open spaces of Hyde Park. You can also rent a boat on the Serpentine or visit the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

3. Tour the Tower of London:
Discover the history of this iconic castle, which has served as a royal palace, prison, and treasury. Don’t forget to see the Crown Jewels.

4. Explore the Natural History Museum:
Perfect for science enthusiasts, this museum houses a fascinating collection of specimens, including dinosaur exhibits.

5. Visit the Tate Modern:
Immerse yourself in contemporary and modern art at this renowned art museum located on the banks of the Thames.

6. Wander around Covent Garden:
Enjoy street performances, boutique shopping, and a variety of restaurants and cafés in this lively area.

7. Take a Thames River Cruise:
See London from a different perspective by taking a boat cruise along the River Thames. Many operators offer daytime and evening cruises.

8. See a West End Show:
Experience world-class theater by catching a show in London’s famous West End. There’s a wide range of productions to choose from.

9. Explore Camden Market:
Dive into the eclectic and vibrant atmosphere of Camden Market, known for its alternative fashion, art, and food stalls.

10. Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum:
This museum celebrates art and design with an impressive collection of exhibits, including fashion, ceramics, and photography.

11. Tour the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben:
Take a walk around the iconic Westminster area, and marvel at the architecture of the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben clock tower.

12. Go to the Shard:
Experience breathtaking views of London from the Shard’s observation deck, the tallest building in the city.

13. Explore Notting Hill:
Wander through the colorful streets of Notting Hill, known for its charming houses, boutique shops, and the famous Portabello Road Market.

14. Visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich:
Stand on the Prime Meridian, explore the historic Flamsteed House, and enjoy panoramic views of London from Greenwich Park.

15. Enjoy Street Food at Borough Market:
Indulge in a variety of delicious food options at Borough Market, one of London’s most renowned food markets.

Whether you’re interested in history, art, shopping, or simply enjoying the city’s vibrant atmosphere, London has something for everyone.